About us!

About us

The Bawan Group of Companies was founded on three simple principles: operational excell-ence, quality products, and superior customer service.

More than four decades later, the company zealously upholds these principles. They are not only the cornerstones of its success, but are also pathfinders into the future, according to chairman Abdullatif Al-Fozan.

“Since our inception in 1960, we have been witness to a radically changing business environment; domestically and globally,” he explained. “We have adapted to the changes and successfully evolved and diversified. Today, our corpo-rate standing is a testament to this ability. Throughout the years, we have allowed our business philosophy to mature, yet remain flexible. This approach has eased the integration and management of our diversification and evolution.”

The group started out as a single company, Al-Fozan Building Materials, committed to rectifying the supply and demand imbalance. Visionary management and total dedication to quality and customer satisfaction saw the company grow exponentially in size, reputation and product lines.

In 1983, Al-Fozan Electrical Materials was formed. After a brief period of consolidating its market position, the parent company took its diversification a step further, and, in 1991 Bawan Wood Industries Co. (formerly known as Al-Fozan Wood Industries) came into being. This was followed up by Al-Fozan Architectural Hardware in 1993 and ARC Engineering Consultants in 1994.

Keeping pace with market developments, 1996 saw Al-Fozan Steel Industries and Building & Construction Company start operations.

In 1999, the Group established Arnon Plastic Industries and in 2001 United Transformers Electric Company (Utec) followed by United Electronics (eXtra) and Projects & Supplies in 2002.

As the flagship company, Al-Fozan Building Materials (FBM) is among the largest importers of building materials in Saudi Arabia. The company’s core business involves wood, steel and insulation material.

Established in 1969, its main focus was to meet the ever-increasing demand for building materials in Saudi Arabia. Since inception, the company’s founders insisted on quality and as a result the company soon acquired a solid reputation for its products.

The ability to adapt to changing customer needs and market demands enabled FBM to maintain its leading position. In 1995, the company undertook an ambitious self-develop-ment programme that reinforced its corporate standing.

Today, the company is a dynamic force in regional markets. ISO-certified and guided by a strong corporate philosophy, FBM continues to enjoy one success after another. It enjoys a distinguished reputation with clients, suppliers, financial institutions and other business associates.

It employs a dedicated team of experienced professionals. In addition to in-house training programmes meant to improve work processes and know-how, the company’s product specialists regularly travel abroad to research other markets and suppliers, as well as check on product quality and availability.

Established in 1983, Al-Fozan Electrical Materials (FEM) is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading distributors of residential and industrial electrical products.

Associated with some of the best brands in the world, FEM imports products from a variety of international manufacturers based on high standards of quality and safety.

FEM has also developed its own range of products that it markets throughout the region. These include Windy (fans), Megavolt (voltage regulators and ballasts), Nordex (waterproof fixtures), Trust (wiring devices), and Fancy Fans.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Saudi Arabia for dependability, customer satisfaction and prompt deliveries. FEM operates a network of 16 strategically located showrooms that serve all of Saudi Arabia, and one showroom each in Bahrain and Qatar.

Established in 1993 to provide hardware supplies to wood and steel factories and workshops, Al-Fozan Architectural Hardware (FAH) offers a variety of high-quality products and aesthetically pleasing fixtures and accessories.

Careful attention is dedicated to selecting and sourcing only those products that meet high standards of finished quality and integral strength. Customer preferences are always taken into consideration and feedback is actively sought.

Al-Fozan Metals (FM) was established in 2002. Currently the company supplies a range of metal products, such as beams, sections, bars, pipes, sheets, plates, coils, profiles and gratings. Al-Fozan Metals also markets a range of aluminium and zinc products, in addition to insulation materials and various accessories.

Established in 1996, Al-Fozan Steel Industries (FSI) drew on the experience and guidance of its parent company and quickly gained a reputation of excellence. Currently, FSI is one of the region’s most prominent steel companies and is in the process of obtaining ISO certification.

Quality and customer service are the main factors that have contributed to FSI’s exceptional growth and success. In addition to a high-quality product line, we possess state-of-the-art technology and a strategically placed network of facilities.

Its product range includes cut and bent bars, flat and square bars, welded wire mesh, straightened steel, cold rolled wire coils and corrugated sheets. Raw material is sourced from various reputable sources, both regionally, and internationally and is thoroughly checked for quality.

Established in 1991, Bawan Wood Industries Co. (formerly known as Al-Fozan Wood Industries Co (FWIC)) has achieved exceptional growth in a remarkably short period of time. Not only is it one of the largest manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, it is also the region’s first wood products manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9002 certification.

Leveraging the experience of its parent company, FWIC is committed to its corporate philosophy of quality and customer service. The company takes pride in its reputation for innovation and process improvement.

BWIC (formerly known as FWIC) imports raw material from all over the world. Depending on client requirements and end-use, the wood is subjected to a variety of quality tests to ensure humidity levels and rot-resistance. Such quality controls are an integral part of the production process. Its product range includes wooden pallets, laminated profiles, film-faced plywood, melamine and decorative panels lamination.

Arnon Plastic Industries (API) was established in 1999, and has quickly become the leading name in the Saudi plastic industry. The company also enjoys the distinction of acquiring ISO certification in a remarkably short period of time.

Arnon’s rapid growth and regional success is attributable to the emphasis it places on research, development, and product innovation. Its manufacturing facilities in Dammam are state-of-the-art, and utilise the latest technologies and processes. Protecting the environment is an important priority, and Arnon is committed to recycling waste plastic.