Wooden Pallets

4 way Pallet. Wooden Pallets are very essentials for various activities of industrial, commercial and service sectors. Therefore Bawan Wood Industries Co. produces Several type of wooden pallets to cover all uses including

  • Cargo Pallets
  • Reusable Pallets
  • Warehouse Pallets
  • Store racks Pallets
  • Port pallet etc.

During the production process, the company pays a great deal of attention to wood quality to ensure that the wood to be used is humidity and rot resistang in order to produce top quality pallets that meet the clients requirement.

Types of Pallet

Pallet. 1. Heavy Duty Pallets

This type of bottled pallets is produced to last for a long time under tough and heavy duty work conditions. Moreover these pallets can be handled by all kinds of handling equipments.

Pallet. 2. Full Perimeter Base Pallets

Being four way entry pallets that can be handled by forklifts or hand trucks, they are highly effective in confined spaces.

3. Reversible Pallets

They are smooth plywood faced pallets that can hold full load on either face. Reversible pallets are handled by forklifts or hand trucks and can produced in two way entry as per clients requirements.

Pallet. 4. Versatile (Multipurpose) Pallets

Thanks to the notched stringer design, the versatile pallets produced by our special automatic notching machines are reversible, four way entry, firmly connected and highly durable.